Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mustache + Goatee = Goatache

Yes, you heard me right. I tried to get some people at work to start using this term back in 2006 to refer to a mustache with a goatee. It's catchy, it makes sense, and it's much more creative than circle beard. I mean, how long did it take someone to come up with that one?

A coworker even tried to post an update to Wikipedia with the new term way back when (the historical article is here). Unfortunately, within 6 minutes (seriously, does someone not have a life?), the change was reverted as nonsense. The goatache article he linked to was pretty nonsensical, which is probably the main reason for the retort. The page was deleted shortly afterwards, so I can't find the full text (the best I can find is here), but it only has a little of the text in the change comment.

At any rate, it's time things have changed. Down with circle beard! Bring on the goatache! Love it and live it!


James said...

What's wrong with Van Dyke?

(ps: thanks for your mythtv+mame db script - how I found you)

Anonymous said...

The guy who put the Wikipedia article up sounds like one cool and handsome dude. I don't know why you're hatin' with your pro-goatache agenda.