Thursday, May 22, 2008

MythTV and MAME description

If you are like me and run MythTV along with some emulators (in this case MAME), you'll notice that by default, the database will import the ROMs using the filename as the name that is shown in the menu. This can be a little annoying, since MAME games are only 8 characters long. In order to easily get around this, I wrote a script that will actually pull out the game information from the XML file generated by MAME and update the database accordingly. In addition to the game name, it will also attempt to extract the year, genre, and version which it was added.

The script has comments in the first section that explains the usage. You may need to change a few lines here and there to match your configuration, but it should be pretty self explanatory. However, you are required to have the Config::Tiny, DBI, and XML::Parser perl libraries installed. I won't go into detail on how to do that unless someone really needs it (Google is your friend).

The script is available for download here. I am releasing it under the GPL license.


Anonymous said...

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